I fell in love with these thingies and decided to add a "fridge light" to one. There's a mosfet as an inverter ("not gate"), and a burglar-alarm-type magnetic switch triggered by the magnetic lock. Stupid, but in a cheeeful kinda way. Expect a post at the blog once I get within ssh range.


New design (doesn't eat up battery) with a CMOS inverter.
Now it's really post-worthy (next procrastination, I guess).

New design with a NOT gate instead of 2 transistors. 10 cent cheaper, smaller, and less soldering. lt's also less messy to operate due to better component/tobacco separation.

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announces «Ultrakarton»: a цветкартон with a UV light and 2(!) CR2032 batteries.

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The «Kartonaturalny (картонатуральный)» was suggested by comrade Justin: a simple circuit with a magnetic switch. No NOT gate, less wires and soldering, but requires 3 more magnets and an extra piece of cardboard. We ran out of hipster magnetic reed switches, so this one uses a bulky home alarm magnetic switch, but it blends well with the Soviet aesthetics

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@zvinj A sign of growing maturity, going in through the gate. 😋

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