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#2678 Wing Lift 

Once the air from the top passes below the plane of the wing and catches sight of the spooky skulls, it panics, which is the cause of turbulent vortices.

Kinda afraid I'm choosing the wrong advisor in my masters right now.

Even tho I'm a physicist I've chosen a mathematician as my advisor. She's really cool and does cool stuff! But I did so hoping I will find a way to make this a physics project with another advisor from the physics department.

Now, after trying this for a bit, I'm afraid it won't work, and that I'm wasting my time :(

נוסע מהמרכז לחיפה בקו 971. במקום אוטובוס בן עירוני סביר, הקצו לקו אוטובוס עירוני זול ומסכן שקורס תחת העומס. אין מקום לאף אחד, עומדים במעברים, והכל מלא מזוודות. תחבורה ציבורית בישראל היא בושה וחרפה.

Haven't watched it yet, but everything Dan creates is good:

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Yoav Zack הודהד

why do all my viral posts have typos in them. do you bitches like tpyoes so much

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New user guide: Circumventing Censorship in Iran with Tor!

If you are having issues connecting to the Tor network from Iran, please try these solutions


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this is a great headline from the DoJ if you don't happen to know there's a city in Utah called Spanish Fork

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Fedi is the most strange thing in the world.

On normal social media, you write a message and people just ignore it forever.

Here, you write a message, it stays ignored for 1 or 2 years, and then all of a sudden, for no reason, with no explanation, someone finds it somehow, boosts it, and it gets 200 likes and 120 boosts.

What the fuck.

I'm sure someone will boost this message in 2021 or 2022.

Apparently there's almost a 50% chance of not getting yelled at if you just casually cut in line a queue. Who wanna try?

I accidentally deleted my windows partition in the installation process.

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I used this chance to try my for the first time distro hopping without losing my home partition. I THINK it worked! Opened Firefox on Fedora KDE, and it opened the last session from Fedora GNOME. Nice.

As for KDE - I'll have to adapt myself. Being a GNOME user, I have muscle memory to fix, and I was a bit overwhelmed by options (and still am)
At least KDE is customizable, so I could re-create most of GNOME's shortcuts. Good job.
Also, the workspace grid! WOW!

More updates to come...

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As you might have seen from the last boost, PeerTube's latest version now supports "ability to automatically import all videos from a remote channel (from another video platform)".

What does this mean?

It means you can automatically import your videos from YouTube to PeerTube 🥳

:youtube: ➡️ :peertube:

More info from PeerTube's official news page:


#PeerTube #Fediverse #YouTube

google "how to rest so that when you finish you actually feel rested"

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So the fierce love for @kde in my timeline kinda make me want to try the Fedora KDE spin.
I used KDE for a short time several years ago and didn't quite like it, but maybe now it has more to offer, who knows.

Anyways, updates soon to come!

מתברר שהאלה שארגנו את העצומה להפעיל את הרכבת הקלה בשבת עומדים להפגש עם מירב מיכאלי בקרוב, אז אני מפיץ שוב פעם את העצומה כאן ויהיה קול אם תענו

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shitpost, copypasta 

@Yuvalne @kayden The sight of an animal using a JavaScript captivates Computer Scientists and laypeople alike, perhaps because it forces us to question some of our ideas about human uniqueness.

Does the animal know how JavaScript works? Did it anticipate the need for the tool and select it instead of Rust?

To some, this fascination with JavaScript seems arbitrary and anthropocentric; after all, animals engage in many other complex activities, like Agile Planning and ordering Juice on the Internet. However, we know that complex behaviour need not be cognitively demanding.

JavaScript development can therefore provide a powerful window into the minds of animals, and help us to learn what capacities we share with them — and what might have changed to allow for the incontrovertibly unique levels of technology shown by modern humans such as integers and strong typing.
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"temperature check on late-stage capitalism: you can buy NFTs of AI-generated descriptions of imaginary girlfriends"

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מסטודון היא רשת חברתית חופשית, מבוססת תוכנה חופשית ("קוד פתוח"). כאלטרנטיבה בלתי ריכוזית לפלטפרומות המסחריות, מסטודון מאפשרת להמנע מהסיכונים הנלווים להפקדת התקשורת שלך בידי חברה יחידה. שמת את מבטחך בשרת אחד — לא משנה במי בחרת, תמיד אפשר לדבר עם כל שאר המשתמשים. לכל מי שרוצה יש את האפשרות להקים שרת מסטודון עצמאי, ולהשתתף ברשת החברתית באופן חלק.