'Twilight Landscape' by Victoria Crowe, contemporary Scottish painter known for her portrait and landscape paintings t.co/cmTfzbPwU9

Lava Thomas' portrait series, Mugshot Portraits: Women of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 2018, here featuring Mrs. A. W. West, 1 of over 80 African American civil rights workers arrested, February 1956, protesting dehumanising racial segregation


'Stoer Lighthouse' by UK textile artist Rachel Wright, machine embroidered on calico with various fabrics t.co/jz0iIA1C5w

'Veil of Stars' stained-glass window (2010) by Kiki Smith and Deborah Gans, stained glass window at the Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York t.co/g86BWkxFae

'Yellow Wagtail Heart Collage' by Kelly Gardner, whose work is inspired by collecting vintage china and other materials to evoke memory t.co/AXfDOTu8F5

The Women's Coronation Procession, suffragette march, London, 1911, demanding women's suffrage in the coronation year of George V, organised by the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and captured by Christina Broom, UK's first female press photographer t.co/y6nNIpiImE

Lilla Cabot Perry, Japanese Lady Sewing. (1900), US Impressionist painter whose mentor was Claude Monet t.co/IuJeyDgPvU

El baño de Frida, 2006 from Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide's series on Frida Kahlo‘s Mexico City private home t.co/FrjBMXxNlQ

'Cosmic animal gloves' by Bunnie 'Bonnie' Reiss, contemporary US artist of Polish/Russian heritage t.co/uB6iZsAgO1

Jemima Wedderburn Blackburn (1823-1909), Scottish painter and one of the most popular illustrators in Victorian Britain, who had a keen knowledge of ornithology and other aspects of nature t.co/kEkje0aDiR

Māori woman wearing Kahu huruhuru (feather cloaks) and korowai (tag cloaks) they created, seated outside Te Whai-a-te-Motu meeting house at Mataatua c.1910 t.co/gKtq8dwITU

Mujer de Fuego, 2008 by Poli Marichal, Puerto Rican artist who works in illustration, painting and filmmaking t.co/c4XFmtuZJn

Born on this day, 'Pixie' Colman Smith, illustrator, writer, occultist, traditional storyteller, magician and lesbian who designed the Rider-Waite tarot, 1st edition (1909)


Naziyah Mahmood, artist, poet, Astrophysicist Aerospace Engineer & martial artist photographed by Fiona Brims


Trading Women for Supplies, 1997 by Napachie Pootoogook, reflects the suffering and exploitation faced by the Inuit community, particularly women and the artwork is representative of a contemporary indigenous feminist discourse t.co/ulUxfAJxTI

Judith and her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes,1625 by Artemisia Gentileschi t.co/BkEYkGLi1h


Toootim is for toootin'
(Main instance language is Hebrew)

מצטרפות/ים חדשות למסטודון מוזמנות בחום לעיין במדריך "ברוכות הבאות למסטודון".