Why, in the 21st century, did a sex researcher have to go to such lengths to detect the physiological signals of orgasms? Because this is America, where the only thing more difficult to research than illicit drugs is sex wired.trib.al/jP6SAjP

There are over 2,000 types of fireflies in the world. And, for the record, they're not actually flies, they're beetles. Photographer Kei Nomiyama captured their brief but beautiful life in the forests around central Shikoku Island: wired.trib.al/2jz6Tik t.co/aQmKOAydIC

No one complained about the lack of evidence for 20-second hand-washing. So why are we treating face masks differently?

They’re boring.

They’re frustrating.

They can get hot.

They’re the new normal. wired.trib.al/XFYleuG

First, Atlas the robot backflipped. Then, it could do parkour. Now, this @BostonDynamics machine can do a gymnastics routine. It's ... evolving 😅 wired.trib.al/4T5ux3l t.co/5jKZ59Jcus

The world came together to build 5G. Now it's pulling the world apart wired.trib.al/0xKFuMr

Now is the perfect time to press pause on your kids' use of smartphones, tablets, and game consoles to teach them how to create something. wired.trib.al/KGNyxY8

For videogame developer Naughty Dog, 'The Last of Us Part II' was arguably the biggest, most ambitious, most ravenously anticipated game in the studio's 36-year history. But then the company was hit with trolls, hackers—and a real pandemic. wired.trib.al/SXfvCzN

Ex- Googler Sridhar Ramaswamy's startup company, Neeva, is supposed to be "something different" from Google. Though it, too, is a search engine, it seeks to sidestep some of Google's problems by avoiding the ads altogether.

via @arstechnica

Opinion from @janemetcalfe, cofounder of WIRED: "What we imagine becomes what we build. It’s time to outline possible futures people can rally for rather than fear." wired.trib.al/zoKgo5c

Most new TVs are very good. So good we have a hard time readers to spend more than a thousand dollars on any of them. This LG OLED might be the exception.


Opinion: "The titans of tech continue to prioritize profits over our safety. It is time for the government to step in and regulate the industry and begin to mitigate the unspeakable harm being perpetrated on our children." wired.trib.al/IqsrL0L

Researchers are discovering that magnetic fields permeate much of the cosmos, swooping through intergalactic space like the grooves of a fingerprint.

The question is: Where did these enormous magnetic fields come from?

via @quantamagazine

It's outdoor season, and the July 4th sales are looking good:
🚲 Cycling bags and gloves for $10-30 off
🧗 Discounted climbing shoes and gear
🔊 $20 off our favorite portable speaker
🏕️ Camping chairs and stoves on sale
And more: wired.trib.al/TeQU2IR

We've tested a ton of cheap laptops, and found the machines will do everything you ask of them—and leave some money in your bank account, too. wired.trib.al/rATMQEE

"Roller derby has set the standard on how to return to sport safely in the age of Covid." wired.trib.al/FkzPZN8

Dealing with a hangover this morning? Here's how to ensure it's your last wired.trib.al/jvlDJMg

Since Camden, New Jersey disbanded its police force in 2012, violent crime has decreased 42%.

At a glance, the move looks like a success. The reality isn't that simple wired.trib.al/I5lZD64

Meet The Blob: With nearly 720 sexes, this slime mold has the ability to heal itself in two minutes if cut in half. Oh, and despite having no mouth, eyes, or brain, it can remember things and solve simple problems.

Here's how: wired.trib.al/fh6W5is t.co/xEECvSOwCp

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