Why the twisters tearing up the midwest are so hard to predict, how NYC got a truce out of Airbnb, and the books you should start reading this .

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The Lonely Island crew is back—this time on Netflix with a Lemonade-style "visual poem" about late-’80s baseball superstars and steroid poster children Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire of the Oakland A's wired.trib.al/EwCOZxK

A new report shows real estate and title insurance giant First American had 885 million sensitive customer financial records—including SSNs and bank account numbers—sitting on their website for anyone to access wired.trib.al/qHhrhkk

Your kids deserve a playcation. Here are 30 simple games that are perfect for outdoor play. wired.trib.al/efIeeQL

Four kids. One summer camp. One alien invasion. One adventure carrying the one object that can defeat the aliens across war-torn Los Angeles. This is Netflix's new show 'Rim of the World.' wired.trib.al/HtCZj5b

Charcoal grillers claim it gives their meat more flavor. But is that really true? We took a look at the science.

Will you be grilling with charcoal or gas this ? t.co/O5hlSPz4Lb

Feel like your partner is too controlling? At least they aren't like the Ophiocordyceps fungus, which invades an ant’s brain, chemically mind-controls the bug up into a tree, and then erupts from the ant’s head to rain down spores on the ground below:
wired.com/2016/10/evolution-ft 6/ t.co/yL9DGm2Hgf

Thought you were having a rough day? Sea cucumbers routinely have pearlfish swim into their bums for shelter. Sometimes they’ll eat the gonads, other times they mate inside.

Your day's not that bad: wired.com/2015/02/animal-sex/ 5/

Think being a player is cool? This shrew-like marsupial mates so frantically with so many females in three weeks that he goes blind, bleeds internally, and drops dead.

So yeah let that be a lesson: wired.com/2014/05/absurd-creat 4/

Feeling like your partner doesn't give you enough praise in the sack? Tell them to be more like elephants, who loudly trumpet, dance, and even urinate in excitement upon completion: wired.com/2013/02/sexy-species 3/

Did your partner think your gift was weird? Next time, hand over some gelatinous packets containing both sperm and nutrients, just for them. It seems to work pretty well for fireflies: wired.com/2013/02/valentines-d 2/

Think your sex life is weird? Well perk up, you’re not alone. From panda porn to freaky fish, the animal kingdom is right there with us in terms of odd sexual habits. Let’s get down to, um, business: 1/

This is what Apple did to (hopefully) solve its sticky key problem wired.trib.al/bfP6f8A

pitted reality and fantasy against each other. And reality won.

More from @harari_yuval: wired.trib.al/eisaips

pitted reality and fantasy against each other. And reality won.

More from @harari_yuval: wired.trib.al/o8zfPEZ

Road trips are one of the greatest, most American activities—unless there are children in the back seat. Here's how to keep them occupied. wired.trib.al/yDMOFL6

Tornadoes can be fleeting. They’re relatively small and fast and seemingly come out of nowhere. Worst of all for scientists trying to predict them, tornadoes are essentially swirling funnels of data you can’t get anywhere near wired.trib.al/6g6GtY5

Super-soaked spring soils, unplanted fields, record-rising rivers, runaway barges—this is what climate change looks like for the middle of the US. And it's harming the nation's ability to produce food. wired.trib.al/zMlf4b7

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