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Our Last Week in AI News #19 is out!

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Check out our digest of last week's AI news!

With mini-briefs on the stories "A new bill would force companies to check their algorithms for bias" , "It’s an educational revolution’: how AI is transforming university life", and "Killer Apps".


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With the dust having settled, we now provide a summary of the whole @OpenAI GPT-2 saga, courtesy of @keratin7 and @andrey_kurenkov.

TLDR: intentions good, outcome bad

skynettoday.com/briefs/gpt2 t.co/McaMPCQUfz

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Some people get put off by our satirical name (thinking we promote hype/fear mongering), and we are anyway considering expanding focus to more broadly explaining AI.

So, what about a name change to 'IAI' (Intelligible AI), or similar?

Huge thanks to @jackyliang42 and @BenRamanauskas for writing this beast, and to @jackclarkSF for featuring it in his excellent Import AI newsletter!

Want to know how AI will impact jobs, but without reading a bunch of long economic reports?

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huge thanks to @jackyliang42 and @BenRamanauskas for writing this piece, and to @jackclarkSF for featuring it in his excellent Import AI newsletter!

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"Why Your AI Might Be Racist", by AI expert, serial entrepreneur, technical innovator, educator, bestselling author, and futurist @Jerry_Kaplan



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