Check out our latest digest of last week's AI news!

This week, 'Watch Out, MIT’s New AI Model Knows What You’re Doing Behind That Wall', 'The biggest threat of deepfakes isn’t the deepfakes themselves', and more!

Check out our coverage of last week's AI news!

On AI development in Africa, AI for astronomy, and more...

Check out our latest digest of last week's AI news!

Fairer AI for healthcare, earthquake prediction, and more!

Robot priests can bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral? Robots Won’t Take Away All Our Jobs?

Check out our latest digest of last week's AI news!

Check out our coverage of the last week in AI news, on how An AI-Run World Needs to Better Reflect People of Color, machine learning is unlocking the secrets of human movement, and more!

We've recently seen a new slate of articles contemplating how scary AI-generated fake news is.

But, as @s_r_constantin points out, this text is only convincing when we are not paying attention - so might it help us become more mindful readers? Read on!

Are "Amazon, Microsoft ‘putting the world at risk of killer AI’" ?
How are Venezuelans making money by training AI for self-driving cars?

Check out our latest digest of last week's AI news for this and more!

Many people are worried about artificial general intelligence, or AGI, and an “intelligence explosion” could catch humans off guard.

But, it may not be so bad, as covered in out new editorial about a different way to think about future possible AGI.

With @OpenAI recent release of the larger GPT-2 as well as replications of the full model out there, articles are once again out there calling it 'dangerous' and such.

Is it? Check out our article covering the original release:

YouTube may have mistaken robots fighting for animal cruelty, but to be fair that fighting was pretty brutal... @ai_memes

AI stock images in 2019 -

tired: pictures of Sophia
wired: robot Hamlet
inspired: robot God

@ai_memes @NotMyRobots

Check out latest digest of last week's AI news!

Analysis of Deepmind's losses, alternatives to facial recognition tracking and more!

AI researchers of Twitter, we need your help!

We're working on a piece called "Best Practices for AI Journalism" and want to hear what you think are the top DOs and DON'Ts for media reporting on AI.

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We believe that when the general public is better informed about the state of AI, we are all better off. If you have knowledge of AI and would like to help us in our mission, read this article for some suggestions on how you could do that!

Good to see @AndrewYNg and bringing much needed attention to the issue of costing many people their jobs soon.

Check out our article "Job loss due to AI — How bad is it going to be?" for a detailed summary of what we can expect!

Ironically, AI researchers tend to point this out much more than other observers of the progress of AI.


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