Feeding curry to a sheep reduces the amount of methane in its farts by up to 40%.

American tree populations are steadily moving west and no one knows why.

The city motto of Weed, California is "Weed like to welcome you". The slogan of Gas, Kansas is "Don't Pass Gas, Stop and Enjoy It".

Don't forget that there are four brand new episodes of QI currently available to view on iPlayer. Watch them before they disappear! bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b00 t.co/ebGvaw2xGd

Documented Viking nicknames include Eysteinn Foul-Fart, Herjólfr Shriveled Testicle, and Skagi the Ruler of Shit.

The so-called "mad hatterpillar" keeps all the exoskeleton heads it's outgrown on its head - forming a hat.

(Image: Donald Hobern.) t.co/eImHpwvy5S

How much is one hundred? Prior to 1400 in England, it was actually 120, not 100.

This number was also known as "twelfty".

55% of Americans report that they are more stressed now than they were in January.

New research suggests that having more money DOES make you happier.

On April 1st 1957, a BBC ‘documentary’ showed how then-exotic spaghetti grows on trees in Switzerland, to an estimated 8 million people. Viewers asking how to grow their own were reportedly told to ‘place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best’.

Longhorn crazy ants can reproduce to create exact clones of the mother and father.

Male vampire moths drink the blood of their prey, and later offer it to their mate as a gift during sex.

Somewhere between 23% and 100% of humans have relatively harmless microscopic arachnids called ‘eyelash mites’ living in the follicles of their eyelashes.

Meet Dryocampa rubicunda, also known as the rosy maple moth. (Image: Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren) t.co/05rzDuEXGQ

Word of the Day: CACOETHES–an urge to do something inadvisable.

The giant golden-crowned flying fox, which is actually a type of bat, has a wingspan of up to 1.7m, making it wider than Danny DeVito is tall.

(Image: Gregg Yann) t.co/qQs2y3YbZT

In the UK, there are over 30 possible recycling symbols which all mean different things: gwp.co.uk/guides/recycling-sym

Around two thirds of all music sold, downloaded, and streamed worldwide is owned by three corporations: Universal, Sony and Warner.

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מסטודון היא רשת חברתית חופשית, מבוססת תוכנה חופשית ("קוד פתוח"). כאלטרנטיבה בלתי ריכוזית לפלטפרומות המסחריות, מסטודון מאפשרת להמנע מהסיכונים הנלווים להפקדת התקשורת שלך בידי חברה יחידה. שמת את מבטחך בשרת אחד — לא משנה במי בחרת, תמיד אפשר לדבר עם כל שאר המשתמשים. לכל מי שרוצה יש את האפשרות להקים שרת מסטודון עצמאי, ולהשתתף ברשת החברתית באופן חלק.