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Phobic Christian weirdness 

Interesting reading
Makes you wonder not only about how skewed research always is.
Makes me think even more about our slogan of grit, will power and other cool words that end up measuring the levels of support you have in life and not any intrinsic quality.

ThreeArrows' latest YouTube is about "the free marketplace of ideas" and the restrictions on it in Germany and the USA. It's really good:


i'm actually a phat-earther. i think the earth is WAY phatter than NASA is telling us. like i bet she's just stupid thicc.

new tom scott video means new out of context screenshot thank you tom scott

This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

סמן הכל כסיבות לעבוד על דרכון זר

כנפולת של נמושה אני אומר, האזינו עכשיו לפרק החדש בפודקאסטם של @mux2000 ו-@psyBunny בחסות העמותה לעידוד ההגירה.

למה אף אחד לא אמר לי שיש תותים


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