Yesterday I ranted on the birdsite about how shitty product choices it makes end up harming users and causing unnecessary conflict. Examples were given about how Masdoton is so much better in terms of community management and content preferences. I ended it with a note that we make a conscious choice each day about what platform we choose to use. I just might have to follow my own advice, and post here more often.


@yuvadm After coming to mastodon a few years later and seeing what people are doing with activity pub. Its actually has features that make me feel like it might win in the long run. It would be interesting to see what happens with the spam wave hits it when it becomes ubiquitous.

@guysoft Sure spam will hit harder at some point, but due to the decentralized nature of the network spammer will have to adapt to each community separately, making it significantly more expensive to achieve their goals.

I saw someone in my feed from WordPress the other day. That was pretty cool. Makes me wonder what else is a simple plugin to support.

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