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We made a VR game for @godotengine game jam that works both native and with WebXR. Its a rhythm game that can load beatsaver levels

Hivenind: Latino fedicerse server? Is there such a thing? Friend that wants to join is asking

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The #Meta plot thickens! Turns out that #Facebook doesn't actually own the name Meta because it belongs to another company that's currently in stealth mode.

That didn't seem to stop Facebook from publicly announcing the name change and branding, quite the Zuck move. :blobpopcorn:

Meta (the real one) have posted a public letter about this on their front page. I'm linking the Archive copy because the front page will be eventually replaced by an actual website:

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All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

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So the fediverse makes me think how we can make social media better. This is that same thought morw articulated

The year is 2020 and this website has
1. A register password field that is just a text intput
2. It stores the password in plaintext

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Happy to release my new self-hosted backup solution that lets you backup to your #raspberrypi with history from anywhere! All open source.
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New PleromaPi release. Tested it, took ~20 mins to flash a brand new Pi with Pleroma and have it up and running

@randy in answer to your question at:

PleromaPi uses a docker container, you could create a custom container from that with any change you want. For example here is one that changes the frontend:

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So if you call your ISP here (Israel) they have to give you IPv6. And they try and hide it. Luckily ministry of communication are pretty helpful in making them. My mobile has it too now.
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So apparently if your Bose earphones fail on one side you can replace the driver part and they start working again. Better sound quality, slightly less on the noise cancellation.

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auto cw: could contain food 

So I made a small addition to my instant pot.
The breath smells like Hungarian goulash

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