@ArneBab @kiri I'm not sure it's the right answer. But I'm looking for:

- A way to develop Spritely's components
- Which is feasibly self-hostable
- Which has issue tracking, revision control, continuous integration
- Which doesn't have horrible packaging things and is reasonably reproducible

Not a lot of things pass all the above tests.

@astraluma "can't be packaged in guix because of some nightmare eg uses nearly any javascript that relies on npm"

@astraluma I use Guix and Debian as a test. If something can't be packaged in either one of them, there's a sign of a problem.

Ironically, Spritely's components, due to the lack of Racket packaging support in Guix, don't pass the full test (but probably would be more easily packaged in Debian).


I've looked at it in the past for Guix. There's actually minimal JavaScript that can at least be minimized separately without too much trouble. The main thing is actually that it's a lot of pieces and creating all the services would be a lot of work.

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