It turns out the tor button in icecat blocks local network, so 192.168.*.* that I couldn't connect to because it wasn't localhost and wasn't world resolvable.

We hosted a pinata making party last night for my daughter. While I was holding the baloons up for two of her friends one of them turned to me and asked "did you have baloons when you were our age?" Of course we had baloons! How old do you think we are‽

Finally learning more about vim tag files and vim helpfiles. Maybe now I can get guix profiles to integrate vim addons with vim without any .vimrc intervention.

I miss my wireless headphones. In the mean time my wired headphones got caught on something on the bus and wrapped themselves up instead of ripping out of my phone or dropping my phone on the floor. Definately an improvement to my normal cheap backup headphones.

My son recited the days of the week for me: Sunday, Monday, Twosday, Threesday, Foursday, Friday, Saturday. Works for me.

I'm learning more about travis-ci as I get the build machines to install Guix and build Guix packages for different architectures.
Is it possible to get sudo access to Gitlab's CI system?

"I wonder," said the robot, "do you think I am human?"
"You feed me, and stroke me, and you are warm to sit on," said the cat.
"Does that make me human?"
"No. But tell me, do you enjoy my company?"
"I do," said the robot.
"That is all I ask of any human," said the cat.
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was great. Now in the train back home before Shabbat.

Picture it: bike and trailer with two kids in the back. I've just dropped the first kid off and now I'm taking the second to school. I hop on the sidewalk for the bike lane and then go to cross the street in the bike and crosswalk.
Slow to a crawl and legs down. See first car stop. Enter the crosswalk. See second car look left, I slow down. See the second car still looking left, I stop. See no cars coming and the second car blow the crosswalk inches from my front tire.
Not once did he look right

The old Unix command line command to read mail is "rm". It has the option -rf for reading mail really fast.


Official response from #FreeBSD re: my CoC violation report over people shouting "Shut The Fuck Up" at a #BSDCan speaker. I've highlighted the point that FreeBSD does not believe repeatedly shouting "Shut the fuck up" at a speaker doesn't constitute abuse or is even unacceptable behaviour.

Recieved my 12V DC lightbulb in the mail today, next is converting my cheap Ikea desk lamp to a 12 volt cigarette plug.

Internets are back! Or morerather old provider is out, new provider is in.

Friendly reminder: there are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese.

I wonder if I can swing $3000 for a talos lite machine.

I'm searching aliexpress and not finding what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a car charger for my 2008 macbook with a magsafe plug. I can buy the magsafe end separately from the 12v->16.5v/18.5v device, but I don't want to have to hack off the end of the charger to wire in the magsafe connector; I'd rather modify an existing connector they have if possible. I suppose I could use a 5.5x2.5 male end from the charger and connect my magsafe plug to a 5.5x2.5 female end.


Toootim is for toootin'
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מצטרפות/ים חדשות למסטודון מוזמנות בחום לעיין במדריך "ברוכות הבאות למסטודון".