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Does anyone know about using shared libraries in ? I understand one can build a library and link to it from C but I need to know more about linking to it from other crates. I have passing knowledge about 'extern crate'. My goal is to build a given library once and link to it from other rust-written binaries.

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Every time I go out I judge everybody and their masks. I finally decided to call it 'mask or fashion accessory'. If you pull it down to make a call, if I can see your nose, if you're covering just your chin then it's a fashion accessory.


"By one estimate, the COVID-19 literature published since January has reached more than 23,000 papers and is doubling every 20 days"

If we don't flatten the curve, there will be about 50 million COVID papers by the end of the year.


There should be a Cargo flag for "never ever download a binary".

---a frustrated packager

@machado No one's asking you to do everything. You don't need to be a full blown activist to pick up on someone you know making a misogynist joke and just calmly saying "hey man, you know that's kinda shitty, right?"

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is just to cast a little doubt and make people realise that not everyone shares their views.

But if you laugh along with that joke, every bigot in the room shares the validation.

Absolutely fantastic article that gets to the heart of what's going wrong with this nation:

"How Freedom Turned Sociopathic in America"

"In America, you are made to battle everyone else for…everything. Nothing is your right, really. You must fight bitterly for education, for healthcare, for a little bit of money, for food to eat, for a roof over your head. How can such people really be “companions” — when they are busy being enemies, opponents, adversaries? And when you look at the world this way, why would you want to stay home to keep others safe? And yet if a society is an organization of companions, of fellow travellers, of pilgrims all wearing humble cloth walking the same road — how can such a thing made of competition ever be a society?"

Dear content producers:

If your stream of bits is not available on one of the streaming services it's not going to somehow magically pull me to your streaming service; it doesn't exist.

When it comes to streaming I'm but a young child with impermanence issues. Unless it's in front of me in existing services then it has disappeared from my conscious mind.

Just put together a kernel config for my on . TIL about 'make savedefconfig' to shrink the config file down to the bare minimum needed to get the kernel to build your desired kernel. I'm not sure how I'm going to test it, might end up with running qemu on another machine emulating ppc or actually creating a guix install image and installing on my second G4.


This is my favorite bit of early-UNIX history trivia:

When AT&T donated the V6 source code to Berkeley, it was classified as industrial waste for tax purposes.

#GNU #Guix 1.1.0 is out!

14K commits by 201 people since the last release! It’s been a lot of work but I think it’s a beautiful release. :-)

It turns out my wife doesn't like it when I get my news from @theonion

i love being a computer kitten!

i hope you love being what you are too ❤️

I thought the apocalypse would look… less like People of Walmart and more like Mad Max.


Choose your fighter


#GNU #Guix to deprecate support for the Linux kernel: This is becoming possible thanks to the hard work put into supporting the #Hurd in Guix over the years!

Zoom meetings aren’t actually end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing on their website, in their security white paper, and in the user interface in their app by @yaelwrites and myself

The knight rode up to the tower.
A dragon looked out of a window, high up.
The knight held up a basket.
"Your food delivery."
"You're a hero! Please leave it by the door."
The knight did so, saluted, and rode off, leaving the dragon in isolation.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Things are not improving. BSDCan 2020 will be an online conference, not in person. Details will soon follow.

CW: Covid19 humor (via birdsite) 

They said gloves and a mask would be enough to go to the supermarket..

They lied, everyone else had their clothes on.


People who use on not netbsd, do you use the stable release or follow the CVS updates? I use it on debian on and have run into some issues over time with libffi and before that gtk3. On the other hand I don't want to worry (as much) about vulnerabilities in packages so I'm following head. Maybe I should just try to update in or finally port over to 32 bit ppc.

do you like #plan9 and want to participate in the SDF plan9 #bootcamp ?? let us know. There are plenty of slots open and a #vm is waiting for you


מסטודון היא רשת חברתית חופשית, מבוססת תוכנה חופשית ("קוד פתוח"). כאלטרנטיבה בלתי ריכוזית לפלטפרומות המסחריות, מסטודון מאפשרת להמנע מהסיכונים הנלווים להפקדת התקשורת שלך בידי חברה יחידה. שמת את מבטחך בשרת אחד — לא משנה במי בחרת, תמיד אפשר לדבר עם כל שאר המשתמשים. לכל מי שרוצה יש את האפשרות להקים שרת מסטודון עצמאי, ולהשתתף ברשת החברתית באופן חלק.