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I wonder if I can swing $3000 for a talos lite machine.

I'm searching aliexpress and not finding what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a car charger for my 2008 macbook with a magsafe plug. I can buy the magsafe end separately from the 12v->16.5v/18.5v device, but I don't want to have to hack off the end of the charger to wire in the magsafe connector; I'd rather modify an existing connector they have if possible. I suppose I could use a 5.5x2.5 male end from the charger and connect my magsafe plug to a 5.5x2.5 female end.

My daughter just told me she loves her new trampoline more than she loves us.

Treadmill got delivered today and I had my first run. Just 5k at 8km/h to ease myself back in. I'm sure that not owning a car and biking about an hour and a half 6 days a week helped.

Efraim Flashner הודהד
Efraim Flashner הודהד

you've heard of paperkey now get ready for pepperkey, back up your keys to spicy vegetables

My Chinese SSD arrived today, 120 GB for $35, just three weeks after ordering it. Next step is some laptop surgery to see about sticking it into one of my iBook G4s with the extra stick of RAM I bought.

Can I mix gigabit and 100 megabit devices on the same cheapo unmanaged router and still push gigabit between two gigabit hosts? I'm pretty sure I can but I figured someone else would know for sure.

Reading /r/legaladvice is addicting. It also reinforces my belief that there are people who do bad things are then there are bad people.

3 year old son: I need ice-cream cone!
Me: I need ice-cream cone!
Son: No! You need cold water, I need ice-cream cone.
So much for sharing.

Guix now has mrustc and rust building on aarch64! mrustc built in ~15 minutes, rust 1.23 in 3.5 hours, rust 1.24 in 12 hours, rust 1.25 still ongoing.

Gotta make sure the airplane was cleaned before Passover.

The World Wide Web Consortium’s decision to keep votes about DRM secret and that it censured the @EFF for “disclosing even vague sense of a vote” raises concerns. u.fsf.org/2bf
URL: status.fsf.org/notice/264515

François Marier: TLS Authentication on Freenode and OFTC feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/tl this looks like a great way to not have to worry about sharing my randomly generated password among different machines

Efraim Flashner הודהד