While praising the ruling, Gopstein noted that "had he known it was Nawi [the more prominent of his two victims] he would have acted more forcefully".

Meanwhile in "totally not apartheid at all we swear" Israel, prominent far-right (Kahanist) agitator Bentzi Gopstein was found innocent for assaulting two Left activists (on camera: youtube.com/watch?v=8aQAsQzIaB ).
The judge explained: Gopstein could reasonably think the two were Palestinians.

Folks, Facebook specifically trains its abuse staff to protect white men but not black children. propublica.org/article/faceboo
(It's only very slightly less fucked than it looks.)

TIL that even after years of being slandered and marginalized by Marx, Bakunin considered him too important for socialism to call him out directly.
(From Eckhardt's 'First Socialist Schism')

讗诐 讘专-诇讘 诪谞住讛 诇爪讗转 诪讛讗专讜谉 讻讗砖讛 讟专谞住讬转 讜讛转诪讜谞讛 讛讬讗 讗讬讱 砖讛讜讗 讛讬讛 专讜爪讛 诇讛专讗讜转 - 砖讬讘讜专讱 讜讻诇 讛讻讘讜讚.
讗讘诇 讛讗驻砖专讜转 讛住讘讬专讛 讬讜转专 讛讬讗 砖讝讛 谞住讬讜谉 诪诪砖 诪讟讜诪讟诐 讜驻讜讙注谞讬 (住驻爪讬驻讬转 讟专谞住驻讜讘讬) 诇转诪讜讱 讘拽讛讬诇讛 讛讙讗讛, 讜讗谞讬 诪讗讞诇 诇讜 砖讬诇诪讚 注诇 讝讛 讛讬讟讘 讘讬诪讬诐 讛拽专讜讘讬诐.

The fifth and final panel is starting, focused on profits from the Israeli Occupation. The first speaker is Samir Zaqout of the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights, Gaza, via pre-recorded video. I will again be trying to understand him without simultaneous translation and resume live-tooting afterwards. tooot.im/media/ipXQd24CbMnAUux tooot.im/media/Pb3GSAxFPU1eVZE

CAAT brings together various very different groups (including religious groups of many denominations) in resistance of the UK military industries.

Robinson: The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) struggles against the UK arming oppressive regimes. A current focal point is Saudi Arabia and its war in Yemen.
tooot.im/media/u-yCAdHOadXKi7I tooot.im/media/WqEYePpZuyucy76

Sarah Robinson, anti-militarist activist and researcher of police militarization from the UK, now discussing British resistance to the arms trade in general, and the UK-Israeli arms connection. tooot.im/media/rzeqtYEHfc84RlM

Adv. Meisa Irshad of the Gun-Free Kitchen Tables project, which highlights the violent effect of guns in civilian spaces within Israel, especially private security guards who take their work gun home. tooot.im/media/FPL-mdaFmr1u90r

Martins: Every two hours, 7 people are murdered in Brazil, over 70% of them Black people from the Favelas.
There are thousands of Favelas in Brazil, increasingly patrolled by increasingly militarized police forces. Every mega event (like the Olympics) accelerates this process. tooot.im/media/EhvhIx3-VxnwByZ

Gizele Martins from a favela of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: BR is one of the world's most racist countries, where over 2 million slaves were taken from their homes in Africa. The Black population in Brazil is currently undergoing a process of genocide. After liberation, the Black population was not given the resources needed to survive, therefore creating the Favelas. tooot.im/media/qr_FGG-hl2nxJhB

Shahaf Weisbein introducing the Hamushim project (of which she is the cheif coordinator,) which documents and resists Israel's military industries. Israel is a military industry empire, exporting to 130 countries, including human rights abusers like Myanmar, S. Sudan, Central African Republic, and many others.
Hamushim brings together feminist, ecological, anti-militarist, and other forms and angles of resistance to these industries. hamushim.com

Now: Sarah Shin, a Palestine solidarity activist from Seoul. She'll keep it short because she feels like the situation in South Korea is basically the same as what people from other countries have been recounting.

Gilmer: The Trump-Netanyahu friendship is cause for great worry. Trump fills his cabinet with antisemites, but Netanyahu helps him present himself as pro-Jewish. It highlights that Zionism profits not only from islamophobia but also from antisemitism.


诪住讟讜讚讜谉 讛讬讗 专砖转 讞讘专转讬转 讞讜驻砖讬转, 诪讘讜住住转 转讜讻谞讛 讞讜驻砖讬转 ("拽讜讚 驻转讜讞"). 讻讗诇讟专谞讟讬讘讛 讘诇转讬 专讬讻讜讝讬转 诇驻诇讟驻专讜诪讜转 讛诪住讞专讬讜转, 诪住讟讜讚讜谉 诪讗驻砖专转 诇讛诪谞注 诪讛住讬讻讜谞讬诐 讛谞诇讜讜讬诐 诇讛驻拽讚转 讛转拽砖讜专转 砖诇讱 讘讬讚讬 讞讘专讛 讬讞讬讚讛. 砖诪转 讗转 诪讘讟讞讱 讘砖专转 讗讞讚 — 诇讗 诪砖谞讛 讘诪讬 讘讞专转, 转诪讬讚 讗驻砖专 诇讚讘专 注诐 讻诇 砖讗专 讛诪砖转诪砖讬诐. 诇讻诇 诪讬 砖专讜爪讛 讬砖 讗转 讛讗驻砖专讜转 诇讛拽讬诐 砖专转 诪住讟讜讚讜谉 注爪诪讗讬, 讜诇讛砖转转祝 讘专砖转 讛讞讘专转讬转 讘讗讜驻谉 讞诇拽.