Social spending is good for the economy, actually 

Conservatives have no clue how economies work.
The things they oppose because "we don't have the money" are just those which increase economic activity, i.e. create more money.
But they're always eager to buy the one thing where the money literally gets blown into bits - weapons.

Healthcare means workers can do more work, and work better.
Public transport means workers get to work more easily and have more money to spend.

Social spending ... (cont'd) 

Even "just giving everyone free money", , has been proven time and time again to create more money than it costs.

Of course, conservative leaders arn't actually concerned about prudent spending. That's just rhetoric.
What they're really about is maintaining inequality, and handing public money to the 1%.
They don't mind flushing money down the drain if it's their rich friends'/donors' drain.

Social spending ... (cont'd) 

But in responding to this rhetoric, the Left should stop being scared of capitalist economics and hyperfocused on morality. Yes, social spending is the moral thing to do. *But it's often also economically prudent, right now under capitalism.*

It's not pleasant to think about, but under capitalism, the immediate effect of most social spending is to bolster capitalism. Less miserable poor people means more spending and productivity.


Social spending ... (cont'd) 

This fact should help argue for progressive policies, as well as warn of their limits.

If social spending serves capitalism, should we support it at all?
Of course. Public policy is a prime battle field of the class war, we can't forfeit it.
Progressive policy also strengthens workers in the long term, allowing us to organize.

Social spending ... (cont'd) 

And encountering the limits of prog. policy in practice is how masses radicalize. We can't count on everyone watching Leftube or reading some book - most won't.
But struggling for our collective future and meeting the system's limits has & will radicalize ordinary people en masse.

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