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Open Culture

Virginia Woolf’s Personal Photo Album Digitized & Put Online by Harvard: See Candid Snapshots of Woolf, Her Family, and Friends from the Bloomsbury Group

A Complete Digitization of Eros Magazine: The Controversial 1960s Magazine on the Sexual Revolution

Discover the Retirement Home for Elderly Musicians Created by Giuseppe Verdi.

Created in 1899, It Still Lives On Today

Kurt Vonnegut Diagrams the Shape of All Stories in a Master’s Thesis Rejected by U. Chicago

Watch Patti Smith Read from Virginia Woolf, and Hear the Only Surviving Recording of Woolf’s Voice

Jorge Luis Borges’ 1967-8 Norton Lectures On Poetry (And Everything Else Literary)

Frida Kahlo Writes a Personal Letter to Georgia O’Keeffe After O’Keeffe’s Nervous Breakdown (1933)

A Young Jim Henson Teaches You How to Make Puppets with Socks, Tennis Balls & Other Household Goods (1969)

Jim Henson’s Violent Wilkins Coffee Commercials (1957-1961). They’ll blow you away

A Pre-Pantone Guide to Colors: Dutch Book From 1692 Documents Every Color Under the Sun

How Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts Were Made: A Step-by-Step Look at this Beautiful, Centuries-Old Craft

The Existential Philosophy of Cowboy Bebop, the Cult Japanese Anime Series, Explored in a Thoughtful Video Essay

20 Lessons from the 20th Century About How to Defend Democracy from Authoritarianism, According to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder

Andrei Tarkovsky Calls Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey a "Phony" Film "With Only Pretensions to Truth"

The Isolated Vocal Tracks of the Talking Heads’ "Once In A Lifetime" Turn David Byrne into a Wild-Eyed Holy Preacher

How Does Language Shape the Way We Think? Cognitive Scientist Lera Boroditsky Explains

John Bonham Reincarnated as an Eight-Year-Old Drum Prodigy: Watch Yoyoka Soma Play Led Zeppelin’s “Good Times Bad Times”

Visit the Largest Collection of Frida Kahlo’s Work Ever Assembled: 800 Artifacts from 33 Museums, All Free Online