Sometime it feels like by the time my senior lecturer application finishes its travels within college bureaucracy, I'll be ready to apply for assistant professor.

And not because of my quick achievements

אה, ועוד דבר: שימוש בחושך כדי להעביר את תחושת הבלבול והחרדה של קרב אמיתי זה רעיון יפה, אבל אם התוצאה היא שהצופה מבולבל ולא מבין מה קורה בפרק זה פחות מוצלח

ספוילר משחכס ע8פ3 

ספוילר משחכס ע8פ3 

ספויילרים לאנדגיים 

כאן: הנה סרטון על טראנס*, ועל אפליה של אנשים עם מוגבלויות, ועל איך עיוורים חווים את העולם, ולמה להגיד 'נמוכי קומה' ולא גמדים
אנשים באינטרנט:❤️❤️❤️
כ: אה, הנה סרטון נגד הפלות שמקדש את 'זכויות' העובר על חשבון הזכות של האישה על גופה

Did you too wake up to find your daughter with a fever of 41 celsius (106 Fahrenheit)?

How come none of the Yom Kippur/ Talk Like A Pirate Day takes I’ve seen so far are about Jonah, which is traditionally read on Yom Kippur and involves rejecting authority, sailing the high seas, and walking the plank.

Thus - any movement towards peace in Palestine/Israel must begin with reconciliation between people.
Without it, not only that an agreement between leaders will achieve nothing, it will be much harder to accomplish (/end)

(I have focused on a two-state solution here, but obviously, a one-state solution demands much higher levels of trust)

I am less familiar with the Pal opinions, but to the extent of my knowledge - many who oppose agreement do so because they believe any concession to the Israeli side will simply be an opening for a demand for more concessions.

Jerusalem is more of an issue, as soverinity over the holy places is an important by itself to many on both sides.
But I believe many on both sides will be more open to concessions on this issue if they will believe that lack of soverinity does not entail a risk to the holy places or to their freedom of religion

Refugees: The most widely accepted solution to the refugee problem (among those looking for a solution, at least) is setteling most of the refugees in the future Pal state or recompensating them, with Israel accepting some tens of thousands.
Israelis vehemnetly oppose this solution - but mainly because they are afraid those accepted in Israel will be terrorists. again, a belief in peace will remove this obstacle.

From the Israeli side:
The three major points of disagreement are territories, refugees and Jerusalem.
Territories - a major concern from the Israeli side is that any area transferred to Pal control will serve as a base for attacks on Israel - as have (allegedly) happened in Gaza. Thus, if Israelies believe that an agreement brings a real ending to hostilities, the territorial issue becomes much simpler

A few words on the importance of reconcilliation as a major element of Palestinian-Israeli agreement (thread):
The main obstacle to Pal-Isr agreements is mutual mistrust. Not only by itself, but because it aggrevates other disagreements.

Looking for a (preferably Jewish) developer who wants to work on a platform to distribute Yiddish music to the masses. There's a little money, hopefully more later.

@ your Jewish nerd friends

‏למייקרוסופט יש טכנולוגיה חדשנית שיודעת לזהות את הזמן המדויק שבו אתה הכי עמוס והכי צריך את המחשב ‎

'That's your third offence, mister. I'll have to deny your 'reply-to-all' privileges'.


Toootim is for toootin'
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מצטרפות/ים חדשות למסטודון מוזמנות בחום לעיין במדריך "ברוכות הבאות למסטודון".