"In the Greater Israel of 2019, they [Palestinians] are the majority – the dispossessed, disenfranchised, occupied, tortured and imprisoned majority, suffering under the colonial entity called Zionism and Israel, aka Jewish State. There is simply no real agency to change this in Israel today, if there ever was.

If the results of this election may in any way hasten this recognition, it would be a good thing."



On elections day in Israel, a good friend of mine, a progressive fellow, called it: "A democracy holiday." He was being serious. But it's not a true democracy, it's rather a shallow copy of one, which successfully covers up the fact that it's a de facto apartheid state.

@Esho In the promo jingle, we () have called our election day special radio show "a farewell party to democracy" (the jingle's playback is "Wilkommen" from "Cabaret") swatwt.com/bhilot/

Indeed farewell.
P. S. I love the fact that the site's homepage is "the end of the internets"

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