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BDSM: dominance and decency 

It bothers me a lot when I see people acting like claiming a "Dominant" label means they're entitled to order around anyone they guess/know to be submissive. It tells me:

1. you're not safe: you're showing disregard for consent. You're not THEIR Dom unless they say so.

2. you're a shit Dom. If you understood dominance, you wouldn't have to be so heavy handed about advertising it.

Submission isn't something you can demand, it's something you need to *inspire*

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Every single statue of a monarch has an entry in a wikipedia list, complete with coordinates... Just saying...

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A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

I've been a one-game-gamer for a really long time now, ever since beginning to play Guild Wars 2. Seeing the early access release of Hades by Supergiant Games totally plunged me back into full blown gamer mode, and I think I haven't enjoyed a new game this much since the release of Bastion.
Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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oh shit thats right i said im defederating from tomorrow

please check to see if people are among your followers or people you talk to and talk them into switching! was bought by a corporation that does not seem to have any clear motive to not use it as a way to collect data, so we'd rather not let that happen

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trans awkwardness (+), weight talk 

When a colleague treats you as one of the girls, but does by greeting you with "You're so thin! You make me feel fat."

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so yeah. i went back on facebook. it's a mire of negativity and you have to tread water and bring lots of positive things to look at to use as floats so you don't sink into it

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talking to cis people version of godwin's law:

when they bring up that you're trans to try to dismiss something you said that they disagreed with

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when a white person says that they're "color blind" in response to discussion about racism, they think that they're saying "i am a tolerant person."

however, what they're actually saying is "i can't see racism, so i won't acknowledge it", which is a really messed up way to look at the world

closing our eyes and putting our heads in the sand doesn't make something go away. racism is here to stay until it is acknowledged, explicitly called out by name, and strongly addressed in every community.

ניהול עצמי בתווותים? 🍓 ( internal) 

@abgd @yair זה רעיון מגניב (:
אני מאמינה שאחד הצעדים הראשונים שידרשו הוא קביעת מודל מיקרו (לא על כל דבר קטן כולן צריכות להצביע, ופרוטוקול ברירה חשוב להתנהלות תקינה בהקשר הזה. כשכולן בראש דומה ברמה העקרונית תחושת בטן עושה את העבודה, אבל יש ערך בניסוח של תחושות הבטן האלה.

@ThatWallflower I'm sorta like that with femme-inclined non-binary people, and I think being a trans woman has a lot to do with that. It's like - my gender is "definitely not a boy", and I'm mostly attracted to other people who are like this, too.

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because on some level i am sorta bi in terms of finding people from all over the gender spectrum attractive, but i find myself thinking actually really i only really wanna date other trans women?
i dunno. sexuality is weird

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terfs: "trans women are just gay men who go through the whole of their transition just to avoid having to admit they're gay"

almost every trans woman i see on social media: "i'm gay. like, really really gay. i'm super super ultra gay"

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I’m a centrist; I believe both sides have valid ideas, both Communism and Anarchism.

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Hello Mastodon! Anyone missed me? :heart_trans: 🦗🦗

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