Meet the Silver-backed Chevrotain, a recently rediscovered species of tiny hoofed mammal that hasn’t been seen in nearly 30 years

Miners found this million year old Ankylosaur Nodosaurus I'm Alberta. It includes some of the best preserved dinosaur skin and armour. The fossil remains incredibly life like

“Gravity-defying land art”, ‘Passage’, 2015 by Cornelia Konrads

Olympus Mons on Mars is a shield volcano that is 2 1/2 times the size of Mount Everest above sea level

Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey. In the first recorded instance of fire being used by animals other than humans, three Australian birds of prey species have been seen carrying burning twigs to set new blazes

Giant 100t keyboard (4x16m) at the bank of the Iset river in Yekaterinburg, Russia by Anatoliy Vyatkin. Each key is an accurate 30:1 copy meant to be used as a bench 'to connect people offline'. City legend says that if you 'type' a wish & hop on to 'Enter', it'll come true

Trinity College library Dublin contains c. 7,000,000 volumes of work

200 Million Volts Gigantic Jet lightning reaching 50 Miles altitude above a supercell

After an accident this tiger had its tooth replaced with a gold one

Roman city of Timgad (now in Algeria), founded as a veteran colony around 100 AD. The settlement was abandoned fairly early and never resettled, and thus preserves the original Roman grid plan

In Turkey there is a 13 story, ancient underground city called Derinkuyu

Thats the sharpest image of a different star! This is Antares. Its 800 times bigger than our sun! 550 light-years this light on this pictures is over 500 years old. Mind-blowing stuff

Lowland gorilla at Miami zoo uses sign language to tell someone that he's not allowed to be fed by visitors


מסטודון היא רשת חברתית חופשית, מבוססת תוכנה חופשית ("קוד פתוח"). כאלטרנטיבה בלתי ריכוזית לפלטפרומות המסחריות, מסטודון מאפשרת להמנע מהסיכונים הנלווים להפקדת התקשורת שלך בידי חברה יחידה. שמת את מבטחך בשרת אחד — לא משנה במי בחרת, תמיד אפשר לדבר עם כל שאר המשתמשים. לכל מי שרוצה יש את האפשרות להקים שרת מסטודון עצמאי, ולהשתתף ברשת החברתית באופן חלק.